Data Feeds

Data Feeds

For Financial Institutions and Fintech Firms


Get Fast And Accurate Data To Make Crucial Financial Decisions

Receive accurate price fluctuations and quotes to send traders in real-time and help them make educated decisions. We also initiate fast access to data so that traders can use your platform anytime and anywhere.

Reasons To Choose Us

We Make Market Data Easy

Extensive APIs & Integration
We are experienced with custom APIs and complex integration processes that best suit your needs.
99.97 Uptime
Receive, upload, implement changes, communicate with traders on your brokerage website in record speed!
Accurate & Dependable Data
Our data is extracted from reliable sources and are updated in record speed, giving customers the most accurate information.
Reliable 24x5 Support
We are ready to answer all questions and solve technical problems. Our helpline is open 24x7.