Broker CRM & Backoffice

Broker CRM & Backoffice

Build an efficient back office that optimizes workflow.

A Backoffice That Changes The Way Your Company Works


Having an efficient back-office is ideal for brokerage companies. We are experienced in backend building, enabling customers to operate their accounts, automating emails etc.

The brokerage back office has quite a few intricate functions that must be well designed to prevent technical problems. An efficient back office provides customers with the tools and the ease needed to trade effectively.
customer relationship management

Modules Engineered
For A Modern Brokerage

Our Trader’s Room Allows Traders To:
Set up your trader account and implement changes as needed.
Get access to tutorials and demos to help you get started.
Manage a realistic demo account to get a better hand at trading without losing money.
View all trade history and position of other traders.
Conduct online processing and depositing from your own account.
Meticulously designed Trader’s Room
Capable of creating multi-tier tree structures of IBs/agents and generating sub-IB
View the transaction details and position summary to understand the real-time
Flexible setting for the automatic rebate system; One-click setting for agent rebate
Analyzing the statistics of efficiency of placing links, and of potential customers
Calculation and accrual of partner's commissions to a personal account
Meticulously designed Trader’s Room
Allow to perform different email settings and support public announcement to all users
Customer requests management (withdrawal, personal data change etc)
Improve customer satisfaction significantly through efficient CRM
Provide detailed management reports, including trader account opening statistics
Customer & Account Management

How we works

Our Process

04 Steps

01. Understanding Your Requirements
Every brokerage company is unique with one of a kind backend functions. We begin by understanding your vision.
02. Integration of CRM
Brokerage offices have CRM needs that are different from other companies. We understand that and adapt modern CRM technologies according to your requirements.
03. Testing & Training
We test our finished products to make sure that it is consistent with your requirements and train your workforce to use it efficiently.
04. Deploy & Launch
Once you are satisfied with the design, we plan a date of deployment and launch to get maximum reach from potential customers.

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