Asset Management Tools

Asset Management Tools

Essential & Cutting Edge Asset Management Tools For Brokers

Next Generation Asset Management
Tools For Brokerage Firms


Our Asset Management makes it easy to manage trading of investor funds with various module management & settings.

We have asset management tools that can perform multiple tasks and help you keep track of all the trading activities that you have for your brokerage. It gives an opportunity to manager to show his performance with the help of tools.

Bestspoke Asset Management Solutions For Brokerage Firms

Multi Account Manager
Allocate Trades To Multiple Sub Accounts
Display All Trades In A Tree Structure
Full Control to Broker Over Manager’s Activities
Flexible parameters – lots, free margin, percentage, balance or actions
Embed into a native MT4 terminal
Percent Allocation Management Module
Separate user interfaces for administrators, money managers, and investors
Flexible performance fees and zero trading limitations.
Both backend & frontend components, ensuring effortless integration
Available to fully licensed MT4/MT5 brokers with administrator platform access, as well as MT4/MT5 white labels.
Solution appeals to generous investors by exhibiting elaborate trading statistics
Designed To Help Brokerage Firms Attract New Clients
Greatly enhanced copying system with variety of modes
User-friendly web interface is divided into separate user portals
Ratings & Statistics module & detailed trading performance statistics
Informative and transparent dynamic charts and tables.
Straightforward & Effortless Integration